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Editorial: Prayers, Condolences Not Enough to Stem Gun Violence

“Rep. Leonard Lance, another friend of the NRA, issued a statement calling for the end of a 22-year restriction forbidding the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from studying the links between mental health and gun violence. That’s all he had to offer? Study the problem?”

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Lance is Tearing Down NJ Gun Laws

We are sick and tired of Leonard Lance touting that he is a moderate as he supports all the extreme right wing positions of the Republican Party. His latest stunt is unconscionable.

Shockingly, Lance is working with the NRA to overturn our New Jersey gun laws and wants everyone in New Jersey carrying a gun: in purses, knapsacks, cars, churches, stores, restaurants, you name it. More guns, that’s all we need.

This is serious and frightening. cites: “New Jersey’s strict limits on carrying handguns in public could be headed for the Supreme Court. More than three dozen congressional… Read more…

Leonard Lance’s Conscience is Questionable

Leonard Lance has said he always ”votes his conscience.” Really? Because according to some of the votes he has cast in Congress, one might be a little skeptical as to what that conscience really is.

I don’t think the public knows some of his actual votes. I recently was shocked and appalled to discover that in November of 2011 he voted for Bill HR822 – Conceal and Carry Repricocity Act. This bill would allow gun owners from other states to carry their guns into NJ – invalidating NJ law which prohibits carrying a concealed weapon… Read More