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NJ7 Forward Endorses Tom Malinowski for Congress in NJ-7

Tom Malinowski will be a powerful advocate for our district and our values in Congress.

WESTFIELD, New Jersey—Today, NJ7 Forward announces its endorsement of Tom Malinowski in the NJ-7 congressional race.

Tom Malinowski will be a powerful advocate for our district in Congress and will work to uphold the American values that are under attack by the current administration. He will be a strong voice for universal health care, a permanent solution for Dreamers, protections for the environment, the continued advancement of women’s rights, investments in infrastructure and funding the Gateway tunnel and the adoption of stronger gun safety policies.

With his experience in public service as an Assistant Secretary of State under President Barack Obama, he will hit the ground running in Washington, D.C., to protect the democratic institutions that keep us free and hold our leaders accountable when we need it most.

It is time for a change in New Jersey’s 7th congressional district. Leonard Lance’s votes throughout his time in Washington, D.C., have not been in the best interest of his constituents. Lance and his party have failed to make health care more affordable with Lance himself voting over 39 times to repeal the Affordable Care Act, have failed to pass immigration reform and have failed to adopt any gun safety measures.

In this term alone, Lance has voted to allow coal companies to dump waste in our rivers and oil companies to pollute our atmosphere, has signed a letter supporting the repeal of net neutrality, voted to take away consumers’ rights to sue banks and credit cards in class-action lawsuits and has voted to undermine the special counsel’s investigation into Russian interference into our elections. His voting record does not fit his district.   


About NJ7 Forward

NJ7 Forward is a grassroots coalition dedicated to protecting and representing the interests of constituents throughout the 7th congressional district. It monitors and publicizes Rep. Leonard Lance’s voting record and promotes transparency, ethics, and sensible policies.

American Health Care Act To Leave 42,000 People Uninsured in New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District

Representative Leonard Lance is urged to vote against the bill this week.

WESTFIELD, New Jersey — (March 19, 2017) — The U.S. House of Representatives is planning to vote this Thursday on a bill which would result in an estimated 42,300 fewer residents of New Jersey’s 7th congressional district having health insurance coverage by 2026. This analysis was published by the Center for American Progress on Friday and based on the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) national estimates.

Rep. Leonard Lance, who represents the people of this district, has already voted for the bill, known as the American Health Care Act (AHCA), as a member of the House Energy and Commerce committee without holding public hearings or waiting for a CBO analysis. His vote for this bill — which will repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) — has frustrated many of his constituents who have called and written his office, asking the congressman to vote against the bill and not to rush the legislative process.        

“This bill will likely increase health care costs for the poor, sick and old in our district,” said Stacey Gunderman, a resident of New Providence, New Jersey resident and a member of the NJ 7 Forward, a group representing concerned residents of New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District. “It’s really disappointing that he decided to vote for the bill. I’m not sure he knows what’s at stake here.”

That last point was made clear last week during a television interview when a journalist asked Rep. Lance if he knew how many of his constituents were covered by plans purchased through health exchanges set up by the ACA. Rep. Lance incorrectly said he believes the number was 5,000, but the actual number is estimated to be 24,000, according to an analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Even though a recent Monmouth University poll found that 51 percent of Americans prefer to keep and improve ACA, President Donald Trump and Republican leadership in Congress have continued to drive forward their plan to repeal and replace the legislation.

NJ7 Forward believes that the AHCA does not serve the interests of the residents of New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District and urges Rep. Lance to vote against this bill, which is expected to leave thousands of his constituents without health insurance coverage. A protest against the ACA repeal and replace plan is scheduled for this Wednesday afternoon starting at 4:30 p.m. outside Rep. Lance’s offices in Flemington and Westfield, New Jersey.    


About NJ 7 Forward

NJ 7 Forward is a grassroots coalition dedicated to protecting and representing the interests of citizens throughout the 7th Congressional District. It monitors and publicizes Lance’s voting record and positions and promotes transparency, ethics and sensible policies.

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