Lance Has Failed Our Students on Gun Violence

Rep. Lance and Congress Has Failed Our Students on Gun Violence

Since Rep. Leonard Lance took office in 2009, there have been over 150 school shootings.


But even as shootings with ever-increasing body counts keep coming, every major attempt to pass federal gun safety legislation has failed.


Congressman Lance is part of the problem.

“We need our NJ gun laws and organizations such as ours are going to fight to protect them. We need to stop Lance from putting our NJ gun laws up for the NRA’s bidding. Leonard Lance is dangerous.”

– Marci Bandelli of Westfield
Lance Is Tearing Down NJ Gun Laws, Tap into Westfield

Rep. Leonard Lance has a long history of opposing and voting against commonsense gun safety measures that could reduce gun violence.


Because of his voting record against gun-safety measures, the NRA gave Congressman Lance a 93% rating in 2016.

“Rep. Leonard Lance, another friend of the NRA, issued a statement calling for the end of a 22-year restriction forbidding the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from studying the links between mental health and gun violence. That’s all he had to offer? Study the problem?”


– Asbury Park Press Editorial Board
Prayers, condolences not enough to stem gun violence: EDITORIAL, 2/16/18

During Congressman Lance’s 2012 campaign, he boasted proudly that he had:

    • A 100 percent rating from the NRA,

    • Opposed the federal assault weapons ban, and

    • Voted for H.R. 822, the “National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act.”

    • Voted against funding national gun registry database.

When President Obama announced a series of executive actions on gun safety in 2016, Congressman Lance called those steps to ensure gun  safety “troubling.”

Lance Has Failed on Gun Safety

New Jersey Deserves Better.

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